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You Are Enough


Over here in Afghanistan, it’s the simple things that matter, like the little flower pots on the counter in the gym, filled with…..grass.  Yes, grass.  That annoying green stuff that many of you may already be spending half your Saturday’s mowing (and not the smoking kind).  Here on the gym counter, it’s a blessing and a reminder of a simple pleasure.  While the mountains can be majestic at times, the surrounding terrain here is bleak and dreary.  There are no yards, fields or parks with a lush carpet of grass and shade trees.  To get that luxury I have to use my imagination and drop my body down into the softest, most luxurious lawn of grass ever with no intent of moving for awhile.  The little pot of grass is enough to take me there, and probably others as well, and accomplishes something beautiful.

You are enough.  I hope you know that already, but if you don’t, it’s okay. I am going to remind you.  You are enough and you have enough…to be and do anything you desire.  So often we get caught up in the delusion that we don’t have enough and that we will never have enough, whether its money, skills, education, time, opportunity, resources, friends, love, or peace.  It’s easy to go there.  Life situations can look dark and bleak.  Economic and employment statistics, polls, politicians, TV, and media are all screaming that there isn’t enough of this or that.  Other people’s negative voices and opinions can drown out the voice inside of us that says something different.  Yes, there are plenty of sources out there to tell you that you aren’t good enough and that you don’t have enough (fill in the blank) and that you never will.  Your choice is whether to believe them or not.  Or how long you want to believe them.  The truth is that as long as you choose to believe those voices, they’ll be right.  The other truth is that you don’t have to believe them anymore, starting right now, today.  Simply change your belief and believe that you have enough.

The Source of everything you need for your dreams to come true lies in one place and that is within you.  Every aspect of your life experience originates within you.   An idea, a dream, a concept, an insight, a desire…these elements all birthed everything that you are and have right up to this very second.  Inspiration can come from a multiple of sources:  friends, family, religious texts, art, etc.  But until you claim that inspiration as your own and take your own step forward in the direction of your dreams, you’ll just keep right on standing still.

The other part of the “magic” is that as you do step forward with courage, believing that you have enough to begin, Divine Source multiplies what you have in unimaginable ways.  One of my favorite spiritual stories is from the Holy Bible where Jesus feeds over five thousand people from just a few fish and a few loaves of bread.  Some people there that day questioned whether there was enough for everyone.  That doubt didn’t stop Jesus from telling them to believe and to gather what was available.  He didn’t stop there.  He blessed the meager amount, broke it into pieces, and then handed it out to those that were hungry.  Everyone ate their full and there were baskets of food left over.

What’s the lesson?  Be aware of what you have within you.  Gather it up.  Bless and express gratitude for all things.  Break down your dreams or goals or challenges into smaller pieces, and then take a step forward in faith.  Move forward.  Work.   Give thanks in advance for the multiplying of resources and opportunities already taking place, even if you can’t see them yet.  Trust that God is working behind the scenes to help you realize the desires of your heart.  Watch what happens as your own miracle unfolds.

You are enough.  Be enough.  Believe.

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Posted on May 11th, by John Hyatt in Self Love.

2 thoughts on “You Are Enough

  1. Right On John. My priest at Carroll High School reminded his alter boys and students that Jesus’s miracle of dividing loaves and fish was made possible partly by the generosity of his flock. When everyone shares selflessly, we all have enough spirituality and in every sense.