Coach of Love


about-speakingJohn is a powerful motivator. He is your first choice for a premier public speaker or presentation. Easily relating to your unique audience, John’s presentations are always fresh, inspiring, and entertaining. His style packs a punch, delivering a powerful memorable message suited for your group or organization. After hearing John, people come away filled with exciting new energy, ready to move forward in positive directions and inspired to take new action. He always provides useful, down to earth methods and presents them in such a practical, easy to understand way that both the group and the individual experience positive change.

Potential speaking engagements include: interest clubs or groups, youth groups, business organizations and corporate events, Meet-Ups, social clubs, large events and conventions. John is comfortable speaking to small audiences of less than 10 to large groups in the hundreds or thousands. He excels at conducting group training on various topics related to sales, business leadership, relationships, and achieving goals. He successfully tailors presentation topics and style to the specific needs of the target audience and specializes in providing classes, seminars, and workshops around selected topics.

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