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Heavy Lifting….and Moving Mountains


There is so much “stuff” over here in Afghanistan, it baffles the senses to comprehend it all.  And I mean big, heavy stuff.  Containers and containers of food, water, repair parts, ammunition, machinery, furniture, you name it.  Of course, after 10 years of a war presence, it goes without saying that stuff just piles up after awhile.  The military does not travel or fight light.  I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t take us another 10 years to get everything out that we got in.  The fun job for some people is moving everything around.  There are tons of huge cranes, forklifts and container movers all over the place, stacking things up like Legos, one on top of the other….only to move them again and restack them at some point later.  It’s a heavy equipment operator’s dream.

When it comes to lifting your own heavy stuff, how do you do it?  I’m not talking about boxes of books or refrigerators.  Our heavy stuff might be an addiction, a health issue, a challenging relationship, or maybe a situation at work or unemployment.  As a child, whenever I heard the scripture in the Bible where Jesus said, “If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.” (Matt 17:20), I always pictured a huge mountain and figured I would never have enough faith to do such a thing.  It wasn’t until much later as an adult that Jesus wasn’t talking about literal mountains here.  He was talking about human mountains.  He was talking about life situations and challenges we face every day.

It’s good to have an approach to removing our mountains and lifting our heavy stuff so we don’t end up hurting ourselves or others in the process.  Ever throw out your back trying to lift or move a heavy object?  Yep, thought so.  A definite painful experience that does two things:  1) it really physically hurts and weakens our back and 2) makes us pause just a little before doing it again in the future.  I like to work out in the gym and lift some weights as a part of my program, so I am going to use some analogy here about lifting weights.

Step 1, own your power and speak to it in no uncertain terms, out loud and with intention and courage.  See the weight going up.  See the heavy stuff lifted.   Literally.  “Addiction, it’s time to move.”  “Relationship, it’s time to change.”  “Sickness, it’s time to get well.”  Declaring your intention to make a change and move the mountain sets other positive energy and activity in motion.  It sets the stage for successful follow-on actions.  It creates a victorious mindset.  Create some affirmations around or about your mountain or heavy stuff that empowers your heart and mind on a daily basis.  See the mountain gone, the situation resolved, solutions appearing, relationships mended, health in body and mind returned and your world thriving.

Step 2, lift with your legs, not your back.  In the weight room, lifting heavy weight in dead lifts or squats or other exercises requires a stable platform.  Legs shoulder width apart.  Straight back, head up.  Getting yourself stable, grounded and in a firm, strong position before attempting the work is what this step is all about.  Stop judging yourself, or the mountain, for having a challenge.  It’s not punishment for anything.  It’s an opportunity to exercise your spirit and to learn and benefit from the experience.  Look at the mountain and accept it as it is.  It’s not a “bad” mountain or “bad” stuff.  It just “is”.  Now you can see things clearly and exert emotional energy and thinking towards solving them rather than on guilt or shame.   Get clear about what you are doing and the direction you are headed.  Increase your personal courage.  Seek spiritual and inner peace and strength from whichever Source you draw your power.

Step 3, bring in the help.  Get some spotters….people that you know and trust that can help you do the lifting to get past a sticking at a sticking point or to keep an eye out and lend a hand when it looks like you might drop the heavy stuff.  Get loved ones involved and on your team.  Sometimes just a little assistance can move things significantly.  Consider how long you may have been trying to do move this mountain on your own.  It might have moved a little from your own power or maybe it didn’t even budge.   Aren’t you tired and exhausted from trying that over and over again?  Accept that situations in this world are sometimes meant to include others to help you succeed, to be a blessing for them as a way to show and give love or to learn a valuable lesson for themselves from their experience with you.  Stop trying to do everything by yourself.  Reach out and reach up and you will be amazed at how, with a little help from your friends, you increase the chances for success.

Consider these steps and suggestions and try applying them to lift your heavy stuff or to move those mountains facing you.  I think they work and bring success and peace to solving life situations.  They l expand your relationships with those that help you.  They empower you to more effectively help others with their heavy lifting when they need you.  And in the end, everyone grows in life and at life, becoming stronger, happier and more blessed as a result.

Life On!

Posted on April 4th, by John Hyatt in Self Love.

2 thoughts on “Heavy Lifting….and Moving Mountains

  1. So it looks like I’ll be adding a weight lifting belt along with the construction hat in your next care package 🙂 You are a PW!!!

  2. Much Thanks John for this coaching. Recently a friend and coworker in California passed away unexpectedly from a sudden illness maybe food poisoning at age 27. His cheerful and extra-bright spirit is still with us always in our hearts. He is Senad Basic, a young survivor of the war in Bosnia and a first generation US citizen…… We all miss Senad terribly and we are heartbroken for his family. As we struggle to move our own mountains with help from our family and friends I’m reminded of our late friend Senad and his joy for Life and his constant smile and his practical jokes and his eagerness to help everyone including our soldiers at Ft Bliss and WSMR. God Bless our Friend Senad. Amen.