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John frequently schedules classes, workshops, seminars, and speaking engagements in the Atlanta area centered on relationships, the Law of Attraction, and other motivating and exciting topics. Check out the events below.


You Are Enough


Over here in Afghanistan, it’s the simple things that matter, like the little flower pots on the counter in the gym, filled with…..grass. … Read More

Posted on May 11th, by John Hyatt in Self Love.

Heavy Lifting….and Moving Mountains


There is so much “stuff” over here in Afghanistan, it baffles the senses to comprehend it all. … Read More

Posted on April 4th, by John Hyatt in Self Love.




In my current environment, I am surrounded by walls.  Over here, they serve a definite, very real purpose:  force protection. Read More

Posted on March 27th, by John Hyatt in Law of Attraction.

When the Power Goes Out

There are many things over here in Afghanistan that, because of the nature of the environment, just are not very dependable or reliable. … Read More

Posted on February 8th, by John Hyatt in Law of Attraction.

Becoming Great

Being Great

As a young boy, I aspired to be a great Army General.  Ask anyone that knew me growing up.  … Read More

Posted on January 29th, by John Hyatt in Self Love.