Coach of Love

Coaching with John

coaching-loveLove Relationships
John works with individuals and couples anywhere along the spectrum of love and intimate relationships including the following: dating, on-line dating, premarital coaching, couples in relationships, and individuals and couples considering, going through, or already separated or divorced.
coaching-parentsParent/Child Relationships
John works with parents and young people wanting to improve their relationships, communications, and behaviors to support a healthy, happy home life.

Teens/Young Adults
John works with teens and young adults in important areas such as peer pressure, bullying, teen dating/relationships and college, vocation, military and career decisions.

coaching-businessBusiness Relationships
John works with corporate and business executives, staffs, and employees in order to improve collaboration and effective processes, resolve conflicts, and create healthy, profitable working environments.

Plain Life Stuff
John works with clients in other life areas including career and retirement transitions, new employment preparation, health and wellbeing, social, academic and spiritual issues.

What do you get working with John?
Simply RESULTS. Tired of trying different things but getting the same unsatisfying results? Not to worry. Whether it’s a relationship, life or business situation, John starts right where you are and teaches you how to shift your perspective to see things in new and powerful ways. Old thoughts and patterns give way to new infinite possibilities. Shifting from standing still to stepping forward creates huge momentum for empowerment and opportunities for success. As you learn these techniques and apply your own unique talents and abilities, success chases you.

As your coach, John’s role is to facilitate positive change, no matter the challenge. His only agenda is you and your success. He does not use a 1-2-3 cookie cutter approach for every client. With John, you get a customized, personalized plan of action based on your personality, your situation, your wants and your goals. You get a coach known for premium personal service, focused on solutions that produce real results for you.

John’s unique approach centers around four important principles. The first two steps are all about you and your internal development and growth. The next two steps focus on your interactions with others and on approaching life centered on thriving and not just surviving.

  1. EMPOWER yourself.
  2. CREATE your world and its conditions.
  3. CONNECT authentically and powerfully in all of your relationships.
  4. THRIVE and maintain fulfilling, satisfying relationships.

John’s coaching processes help you:

  1. Get you clear on what you really want.
  2. Strategize your actions and goals to achieve desired results.
  3. Enhance your skills in respect to your goals.
  4. Optimize your environments to support success.
  5. Master your psychology by developing your awareness and skills with the Law of Attraction.