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A “Present Moment New”

The “Present Moment New”

Ah, it’s that time of year again!  A new year to dream new things, try new things, attempt new things, and achieve new things.  There is a nuance to the word “new” that I encourage you to consider this year.  And that is the gift of the “present moment new”.  I believe that the single worst thing we do when we approach a New Year resolution or any other goal or dream is to bring in negativity and defeatism from our previous attempts at resolutions and goals that didn’t bring the results we desired.  Often we are thinking, “What’s the point? I’ve tried to do this once before and failed.”  At that point, we have already sabotaged our chances of accomplishing whatever we are setting out to do.  The “present moment new” does not take into consideration any sense of failure at past attempts.

In fact, and in reality, there’s no such thing as failure.  There are only lessons.  That is the secret to peace.  That is the key to faith.  That is THE number one principle to success in any endeavor:  financial, health, career, family, relationships, sports, and especially emotional growth and change.  We have never failed at anything.  We are only learning.  There is a common story of Edison being criticized after trying thousands of ways to invent a light bulb.  Someone asked him how he felt at having failed so many times.  Edison’s response was very matter of fact.  He said something to the effect of, “Failed?  I haven’t failed!  I know there are a thousand ways NOT to make a light bulb.”  Imagine the results if he had viewed himself as a failure instead?

How can it be that there are no mistakes or failures?  That concept goes contrary to what most of us have heard from our well-intended family, religions, teachers, and the world at large, because that is typically how we are judged.  If we let others judge us based on mistakes or failures, or if we judge ourselves that way, we really set ourselves up for never ending stress, guilt, and shame that become the biggest obstacles to achieving the very things we desire. I believe there are choices.  And there are consequences to choices.  And there are lessons learned from the consequences.  There are optimal choices that lead to different results than less than optimal choices.  Most of us strive to make the best most optimal choice to achieve the result we are seeking.

Each time you are in an experience, you are bringing yourself, your knowledge, your senses, your upbringing, your mental frame of reference, your physical abilities, and everything else that is “you” simply as you exist at that point in time.  And despite how you might judge yourself later, it’s usually your best self at that point in time.  I don’t think many of us go around intentionally looking to figure how we can screw things up.  So, stop beating yourself up for the past.  Just stop.  Release and let it go.  Give it to God.  You did the best you could at the time.

And for it, God gave you the most perfect gift:  a lesson to teach you something about life, about yourself, about others.  The perfect gift just for you, meant to serve a deeper purpose in helping you become the very best you.  I believe that a deeper, more spiritual level, you wouldn’t have made the choice you did or have had the experience in your life if there wasn’t a lesson meant for you to learn from it.  And that specific lesson was absolutely necessary to your divine growth in helping you become the very person you are today.  From that point of view, you can look back and be grateful for what happened because of the gift that was in the learning.  Learning is the purpose of life anyway.  Instead of judging yourself harshly for “failures” or “mistakes” or “sins”, be still and be gentle with yourself enough to ask, “What did I learn?  What lesson was in that experience for my benefit and blessing?  What did life teach me?  What is in my current situations for me to learn?  How can I take this experience and treat it as a gift to empower myself and others around me?”  Life is not happening “to” you.  Life is happening “for” you.

Yes, some of our choices or experiences have been painful and hurtful for us and maybe even others.     Pain and hurt are unpleasant, yet necessary parts of the lessons.  This approach does not make light of pain and hurt felt or experienced.  It only frees you to see it differently in order to open the way and allow the final, deep healing that you are yearning for so much to occur.  Thinking of the past and current situations in this way gives you power to make new choices in the present moment and to have new perspectives that come from wisdom and awareness of divine purpose instead of reactions that come from faulty judgment or the endless sense of feeling like a victim or that life is so unfair.  Which way would you rather feel?  You have the power to choose.

I learned a long time ago that life is not a test to see if you can be “perfect” at anything.  You are already “perfect” as a spirit being having a human experience.  Your purpose is to learn.  Period.  Make a choice and learn.  And the gift of your life to yourself and to others is the accumulation of what you have learned and how you play your role in helping others to learn things for themselves.

So this year, stop judging yourself based on the old beliefs of failures, mistakes, and sins.  Open your mind and heart to consider yourself and your experiences from a different perspective that offers you a gift of love instead of judgment, peace instead of stress, acceptance instead of shame, and forgiveness instead of guilt.   How much longer do you want to choose to allow the old stuff from the past to hold you back and keep you from realizing something new and beautiful for yourself or others?   What other clues do you need from God, Spirit or the Universe to tell you to accept your past as a gift and to move forward to new and wonderful things?

Express gratitude out loud and deep within for each and every life experience and the lessons it taught you.  You were right where you were supposed to be when the experiences and choices of the past came along.  You are right where you are supposed to be right now, in this very moment, to create and manifest something new.  This year approach each experience empowered to enjoy the “present moment new” and live a life full of gifts.

I wish you peace and love as you discover a new life in a happy New Year.

Life On!

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