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John Hyatt, Coach and Motivator

“What my personal trainer has done for my body, John has done for my mind.” - L.T.

John Hyatt is the premier and most sought after Relationship Coach and Motivational Speaker in the Atlanta area.

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Success in relationships IS success in Life. Everything is Relationships!

The “Coach on the Square” in Marietta, Georgia, John Hyatt is 100% committed to your success and positive results for your life, relationships, and business. As the “Coach of Love,” John gets to the “heart of the matter” because in the end, it’s only your heart that matters. With clarity and confidence, you get fresh perspectives and practical techniques for getting the change and progress you’ve always wanted. John is in the “moving business,” helping you create fresh movement in new directions. He’s been called the “180 Coach” for getting his clients unstuck, turned around and moving towards their goals and dreams.

Discover how John can best serve you personally or present a powerful speaking experience for your club, group, business or corporate event. John definitely gets you moving!

Are you looking for the partner of your dreams? Want fresh approaches to dating, on-line dating, and meeting new people who match what you want rather than what you don’t want? Think you’re ready for commitment or marriage but want to be sure? Do you and your partner want some real practical solutions for staying happily together? Are you stuck in a relationship no longer serving you and deep down want out? Is your relationship ending or over from a break-up, separation or divorce and you would like help managing the emotional rollercoaster?
Are you trying to relate to or communicate with your child or teen in an effective way? Are both parents on the same sheet of music about raising their children? Is it difficult to manage the complexities of step-child/parent relationships?

Corporate and Business Owners
Are your business relationships adversely impacting your bottom line, sales, customer service, and fulfilled, happy employees? Do you need to jumpstart your sales force? Are communications and processes across your company effective and clear, supporting delivery of service and products on time, on budget and exceeding customer expectations? Is conflict resolution needed to bring parties to agreement and progress forward?

Radio Show 1/10/2016 WAEC Love 860 AM with Steph Palermo

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I had a great time with Steph Palermo this past Thursday, January 10, 2016, live and on air with her on the “Just Steph” radio show on WAEC LOVE 860 AM!… Read More

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